Green living begins at home

Green living begins at home

You are a believer in energy saving, right? You are dedicated to reducing your carbon footprint by using only energy efficient appliances, windows and doors in your own home. For you, living green is important and saving money is too. If this is you, then your energy saving philosophy reflects that of Brits Nonwoven Company and their ISOTHERM insulation products.

It is easier to build energy savings into a new construction because you are using environmentally-friendly techniques from the ground up. However, if you’re not starting from scratch, don’t be disheartened; much can be done to improve the efficiency in existing homes using ISOTHERM products.

Energy Saving Secrets
Consider these often overlooked ways to energy savings, using ISOTHERM insulation products:

  • Geyser energy saving with ISOTHERM geyser blankets:
    You can save up to 20% on your electricity bill by wrapping your geyser in ISOTHERM insulation. The constant energy use by your geyser to maintain the ideal temperature level may be responsible for up to 35% of your total electricity bill. When insulated, the need to reheat will be less frequent. Include the pipes in the insulation process because heat is lost there too. Consequently additional savings are achieved. ISOTHERM is flexible and easy to use, making this an easy task that will reflect noticeably on your energy costs. More info in ISOTHERM Geyser Insulation
  • Keep your cool with roof insulation:
    Just because you have attic insulation does not mean you are getting maximum protection from heat loss. Check the integrity of the attic insulation you already have. Is the quality up to scratch? If it is flattened out or bare spots are showing, then it is not giving you the protection you need. Install ISOTHERM snugly between the beams and trusses. Make sure all corners and peaks are completely covered. Your energy savings will be greater. More info in ISOTHERM Roof Insulation

Conservation Strategy
We all bear a responsibility to protect our environment and conserve natural resources. We do not have to take on the world, just our corner of it. Begin at home with ISOTHERM insulation products.

ISOTHERM products are made of recycled plastic packaging, like cool drink bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The result is an eco-friendly polyester fibre that is environmentally safe for people who want energy savings as well. These products are superior in energy savings, environmental responsibility and ease of installation.

Here are 5 good reasons why ISOTHERM insulation should be part of your building’s conservation strategy:

1.ISOTHERM is a 360° Green Product:
This means that the whole life-cycle of ISOTHERM contributes to a greener planet. Take a look:

-ISOTHERM insulation is itself made from recycled plastic bottles.
-ISOTHERM insulation is also recyclable. There will be no need for a landfill at the end of ISOTHERM’S usefulness.
-ISOTHERM helps you save energy. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter; without the need to flick a switch!

2.Easy to Handle and Install:
Unlike other insulation products, ISOTHERM does not irritate the skin. The product is non-toxic. No need to cover up from head to toe and run for the shower after working with this insulation. It is people friendly.

 The texture is soft to the touch and easy to work with. Many other Insulating products are stiff and difficult to manoeuvre. It is easy to cut and fit, even in small spaces. View our DIY Installation Guides

3.Safe and Long Lasting:
The product does not go flat over time, leaving areas bare and unprotected. Some loose insulation products settle because of gravity making it ineffective.

-ISOTHERM is moisture and mould resistant. It does not absorb water, so it does not create an environment for mould growth.
-ISOTHERM is also fire resistant. This is a safety feature you should expect in home insulation products.

4.Meets Standards for Safety and Quality:
ISOTHERM insulation meets all building standards for environmental safety and energy savings, including the R rating as specified by Sans 204 to regulate energy efficiency in homes.
ISOTHERM insulation products are manufactured in line with ISO 9000 quality standards as well as Agrément certified. ISOTHERM also carries the SABS quality mark. View our Accreditations & associations

5.Superior Effectiveness for Energy Saving:
ISOTHERM is highly effective and meets all energy saving initiatives, reducing electricity costs because high-energy heating and cooling appliances will be used less frequently.
You can also expect to save as much as 20% in energy costs when geysers and pipes are wrapped in ISOTHERM.

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