The most amazing green building

The Financial Times called it “the most exciting new tower in the world” and we can see why there’s so much excitement about this green building – it’s the world’s first vertical forest!




The Bosco Verticale is a 10,000 square metre sustainable vertical forest and residential green building situated in the centre of one of the most polluted cities in Europe – Milan, Italy. Designed by architect Stefano Boeri, the 27-storeys high green building will be home to over 900 trees and a variety of plants.

The tower is green in every sense of the word using trees and plants to absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, filter dust and insulate the building to help reduce energy consumption. Even plants will be watered with the environment in mind using a sustainable water recycling system.

Let’s hope the South African building industry follows this exciting new trend in green building and who knows, in the future we could be living in forests slap band in middle of bustling cities. It would give a whole new green meaning to living in an urban jungle!

Sources and images via Enpundit and Financial Times  

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