Easy Eco Resolutions

Have you managed to maintain your New Year’s resolutions? If you plan to make 2012 a greener and healthier year for you and family, here are a few do-able green resolutions that will help you save money and the planet!

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Bin it  – Think twice before you throw something in the bin. Plastic, paper, glass and tin are all common household waste products that could be recycled. Use our database of recycling drop-off points in South Africa to get started.

Commute – When possible, walk or cycle instead of driving. This will reduce carbon emissions and save you money!  And if you’re trying to get in shape it will help you reach and maintain your health goals too!

When you have to drive, do it with fuel efficiently in mind. Ensure car tyres are properly inflated (this can improve fuel efficiency by 3.3%) and stick to the speed limit. Speeding is not only reckless; it burns up a car’s fuel supply faster.

Fast Refreshments –  Instead of buying take-away coffee, invest in a thermal travel mug and make your coffee at home. If you buy water in a plastic bottle, recycle it after use.

Recycled PET plastic water bottles can be used to make new plastic products and environmentally-friendly insulation like our ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation. According to Petco, PET Recycling Company (Pty) Ltd, Recycling one ton of PET bottles saves 1.5 tons of carbon so do your bit.

Clean and fresh –  Make show hour green by fitting a water-saving showerhead and insulating your geyser. A water-saving showerhead aerates water and as a result, a shower will use less water and electricity than before. By insulating your geyser, you minimised rate in which the geyser cools down and thereby save electricty. Ask your local hardware about eco-friendly ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation and water-saving showerheads.

Green Fingers – Flex your green fingers and liven up the interior of your home and office with beautiful pot plants. Studies have shown that plants improve indoor quality, benefit inhabitants’ health and may improve productivity. A living plant is also far cheaper than buying flowers each week!

Take it a step further and start your own vegetable garden. It’s no coincidence that urban farming is catching on as trend – it reduces the total carbon mileage of the food you eat, ensures easy access to fresh organic veg, and all at a fraction of the cost of organic veg sold in supermarkets. If you would like to find out how to get started, we found easy to follow instructions here.

It’s never too late to revise and revisit resolutions. Cheers to a great, green and healthy year!

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