Green Building Wonder

Imagine living in a house made out of glass. We discovered houses made of glass bottles and we can see why these spectacular buildings have become popular eco-tourism attractions!

When the late Edouard Arsenault retired, he channelled his creative energy into transforming over 25,000 bottles into three beautiful buildings. Known as ‘The Bottle Houses,’ these recycled green buildings have become a popular eco-tourism attraction in Canada and we can see why!

 Photos via The Bottle Houses

 These awe-inspiring green buildings border on art! Fortunately, you don’t have to go to such extremes to go green in your home. Simply follow our regular green tips on Facebook and Twitter, and insulate your home with our eco-friendly ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation. Made from recycled PET plastic bottles, ISOTHERM Thermal Insultaionn can be used to insulate roofs, walls and hot water geysers.

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