Five ways to reduce electricity consumption

Gone are the days when electricity was cheap! Now electricity usage doesn’t only impact the environment negatively, the rising cost of electricity is being felt in the pockets of many South Africans. Find out how you could reduce electricity consumption and save money…


The National Energy Regulator (NERSA) has approved the Eskom annual average price increase of 16% and tariff rates for 2012/13 and the City of Cape Town Electricity Department anticipates the price of electricity to more than quadruple between 2006/2007-2015/2016! Saving electricity is not only the green thing to do; it’s a smart way to save money!

Here are five simple ways to reduce electricity consumption at home…

1. Unplug – Turn appliances off at the plug point. Appliances left on standby can still draw about 20% or more of normal electricity use!

2. Turn down the heat – A geyser uses 39% of all household electricity. To save electricity, turn it off when during that day when it’s not in use. You could also adjust the temperature setting to 60˚C and you may see a 5% reduction on your electricity bill.

3. Insulate your hot water geyser – Wrap up your geyser to prevent heat loss. A simple geyser blanket can reduce electricity consumption and help you save money by slashing as much as R500 a year off your electricity bill! We recommend eco-friendly ISOTHERM Thermal insulation made from recycled PET plastic bottles. You can see our DIY installation guide here.

4. Insulate the roof – The roof is a source of heat loss in winter so insulate it with ISOTHERM Thermal insulation. The good news is that it will also help reduce the heat in summer. According to the City of Cape Town roof insulation can save as much as 16% of the electricity required to heat or cool a home.

5. Light the way – Switch old incandescent bulbs for Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) which use 75% less power!

Sources: City of Cape Town and Eskom


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