How to Plant a Tree

Can you feel it? Spring, one of the best times to plant a tree, is almost here! And with Arbour Week coming up, we thought we’d share 12 steps to help you plant a tree…


How to plant a tree

1. Find a spot in your garden which has good soil drainage and is clear of obstructions.

2. Find out if there are local requirements concerning digging near underground cables.

3. Select an indigenous tree that best suits the region, climate, and space.

4. Dig a hole 2-3 times the width of the root mass/ball so that the roots ease in and grow outwards into the soil.

5. Water the base of the hole and let the water seep through into the surrounding soil.

6. Dig the hole with a small ‘pedestal’ or mound of soil in the centre of the hole where the tree will rest. Make sure the hole is a little deeper around the edges so that excess water will naturally flow to the edges where the roots can drink from if needed. This helps the roots not to drown in too much water, one of the major reasons why trees die.

7. Make sure that the ground around the base of the tree trunk is slightly higher than the ground around it. This prevents water from collecting next to the base of the trunk which causes the tree to rot.

8. If the soil is compacted, score the sides of the hole with your shovel to create grooves that will allow the trees roots to penetrate the soil better.

9. Put fertiliser and/or compost into the holes directed by the package instructions.

10. Gently turn the pot upside down to or cut the bag around the roots before planting. Avoid handling the roots too much and don’t leave a tree’s roots out of its container or bag for too long as it could dry out the roots.

11. Place the tree into the hole; cover all the roots with soil and be sure not to bury the crown (where the stem changes to root).

12. Water the newly planted tree and then cover the area with 2.5 cm – 7.6 cm of mulch, shredded hardwood or leaf mulch and water again.

Happy gardening!

Source: Wiki How

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