Installation Guide for Hollow Wall Structures

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Get comfort, quality and safety with ISOTHERM THERMAL INSULATION.

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ISOTHERM keeps you and your family warm in winter and cool in summer

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ISOTHERM is made from polyester and is 100% people-friendly. It is safe and easy to install; no gloves or breathing apparatus required.

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ISOTHERM is manufactured by Brits Nonwoven and is an Agrement certified product. ISOTHERM is economical and the best thermal insulation product to use in terms of guaranteed quality

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Made from recycled PET bottles, ISOTHERM helps to fight unemployment and sustain the ecology and economy of the country.Depending on the thickness of ISOTHERM installed and the climatic zone, ISOTHERM’s performance is as follow:

In Summer

You get maximum temperature of up to 7 degrees when ISOTHERM insulated ceilings are correctly installed.

In Winter

You get reduced heating energy requirement of between 40% and 70% in a standard house.

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No chemicals additives, no odour or emissions of volatile organic compounds


ISOTHERM is resistant to condensation and associated fungi and bacteria. ISOTHERM retains loft and does not degrade

Fire Performance

ISOTHERM complies with SANS 10400 The Application of the National Building Regulations, as an insulation material.

Tested in accordance with: SANS 428: Fire Performance Classification B/B 1/2.

ASTM – E 84: Spread of flame: nil.
BS 5803 part 4 : Does not smoulder.
Test reports available on request.

Eco Friendly

ISOTHERM is made using polymer from recycled PET bottels and is completely recyclable


ISOTHERM saves energy.

In less than 3 years ISOTHERM can pay for itself by saving on electricity usage.

ISOTHERM may be used as specified for all types of buildings subject to the provisos listed in Part T of Section 3 of SANS 10400.*

energy efficiency

Interior Dry Walling

dry wall installation ISOTHERM is safe and easy to install and will not sag in hollow wall frame structures. ISOTHERM will not support the spread of flames Interior Dry Walling

Get Prepared

ISOTHERM is supplied in roll form; allowing you to cut to your customised siza and shape. This is easily done by tearing or cutting with a pair of industrial scissors or shears. Interior Dry Walling
Cut the ISOTHERM to size or slightly bigger than the frame size depending on the thickness of products used. A minimum of 50mm is recommended. Interior Dry Walling

Get It Done

Posistion ISOTHERM correctly. Posistion closely to the cladding material and ensure a snug fit. Ensure continuous insulation. Carefully but the ends of the rolls or lap to ensure maximum effectiveness. Interior Dry Walling
Ensure that the ISOTHERM is positioned behind cables, conduits and plug points, leaving them exposed. Do not waste off-cuts. Use them wisely by filling in gaps, crevices and corners. Interior Dry Walling