International Coastal Clean-Up Day

It’s estimated that 7 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year! The impact on marine life and our food chain is devastating. But the good news is that we can all make a difference!


Clean-up beaches and recycle waste

On Saturday, 17 September, clean-up parties are taking place from coast-to-coast in honour of International Coastal Clean-Up Day. If you happen to be joining or organising a clean-up on a beach near you, please recycle as much as possible, especially plastic bottles.

We’ll use recycled plastic PET bottles to make ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation, non-toxic eco insulation, and we’re on a mission to encourage more people to recycle plastic rather than let it pollute our seas or end up in landfills.

Read our list of recycling drop off points in South Africa and if you would like to join a clean-up crew, find one near you by clicking here. If you live in Cape Town and can get to Blouberg beach, join the Blouberg Beach Clean-up.

Source of statistic: New York Times

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