Why Isotherm?

Save electricity with ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation, the eco-friendly insulation made from recycled PET bottles.

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Quality Geyser Blankets

Wrap your geyser and inlet/outlet pipes in an ISOTHERM geyser blanket and reduce heat loss; thus saving energy and money.

If your geyser is not insulated, water is constantly being reheated with a resultant escalation in daily electricity usage. Geysers are notorious for their high energy consumption and, more often than not, are responsible for as much as 60 percent of a household’s monthly electricity bill.

Geysers are responsible for about 45% of a household’s monthly electricity bill. Geyser inlet and outlet pipes alone are responsible for up to 13% of this cost.

A practical and efficient solution is to minimise thermal energy loss by fitting ISOTHERM around geysers and pipes. Although usually associated with the thermal insulation of roofs and walls, ISOTHERM is a highly effective, simple to install geyser insulator. The result will be a monthly electricity saving of up to 21 percent!

Geyser energy-saving tips:

  • Keep your thermostat setting between 37 and 55 degrees C.
  • Switch off your geyser before leaving to go away.
  • Shower rather than bath.
  • Ensure that all taps are properly closed; especially hot water taps.
  • Replace the geyser’s sacrificial anode on a frequent basis. Refer to the geyser manufacturer’s manual.