Application in ceilings

Energy-saving and maintenance-free, ISOTHERM in ceilings regulates indoor temperatures, keeping homes warm in winter and cool in summer.



 ISOTHERM Thermal Ceiling Insulation is easy and safe to install. ISOTHERM is supplied in rolls of either 750mm or 1200mm wide and is suitable for standard housing construction.


Here are the basic ceiling installation guidelines:

  • Measure accurately. Measure the distance between the roof beams or roof trusses and then select the correct roll of ISOTHERM.
  • Trim ISOTHERM to specific sizes before entering the roof space. This is easily done – tear or cut it with a pair of industrial scissors or shears.
  • Do not walk on the ceiling boards. Take care to only walk on crossbeams, truss ties or balancing boards.
  • Position ISOTHERM correctly. Place ISOTHERM above and in close contact with the ceiling; fit snugly between the roof beams and trusses.
  • Ensure continuous insulation. Carefully butt the ends of the rolls or lap to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Allow a 150mm gap around flue pipes, ceiling fans and recessed lights.
  • Wrap ISOTHERM around geysers and water pipes for further energy saving. Continue this installation process until the ceilings are completely insulated.
  • Do not block ventilation points with insulation. This includes eaves gaps and air bricks at gable ends. Keep clear to ensure that the airflow is maintained.
  • Do not waste off-cuts. Use them wisely – fill in gaps, crevices and corners.
  • Do not put ISOTHERM in direct contact with metal chimney fabrications or flues passing through the loft space.
  • Do not forget to insulate under the geyser and above the trap door.

Click here to download full installation guidelines