Product specifications

ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation is suitable for roof, wall and geyser insulation. Manufactured by Brits Nonwoven, ISOTHERM is…

Cost effective – ISOTHERM pays for itself by reducing the electricity costs of energy-consuming heating and cooling systems.

Safe and easy to install – The soft texture of ISOTHERM makes it is easy to roll out and cut to size. Pleasant to touch, ISOTHERM is simple and safe to install. It is non-allergenic, non-irritant and resilient and does not support the spread of flame.

Maintenance-free – ISOTHERM is resistant to condensation and associated fungi and bacteria. It retains loft and will not collapse over time.

Eco-friendly – ISOTHERM is made from 100% thermally bonded, people-friendly polyester. The polyester fibre is produced from recycled PET bottles. ISOTHERM is also recyclable.

Accredited – Isotherm is manufactured to standards of quality such as ISO9001:2008. In addition the product is Agrément certified, as well as listed with qualitative industry associations such as TIPSASA.

Technical specifications



Fire performance – ISOTHERM complies with SANS 10400, the application of the national building regulations, as an insulation material.

Tested in accordance with SANS 428: fire performance classification B/B 1/2.
ASTM – E 84: spread of flame: nil.
BS 5803 part 4: does not smoulder.
Test reports available on request.
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ASTM – E84:
spread of flame = 0
smoke index = 160
smoke toxicity = < 1 (low toxicity)

Watch our fire test video below…

Chemical and physical properties – Composed of polyester. The relatively high melting point of polyester fibres gives ISOTHERM good thermal stability.

Moisture absorption: ISOTHERM does not absorb more than 2% (by mass) of moisture, which is within the limits set by the standard.
*Tested in accordance with SANS 1381: Part I (Materials for thermal insulation of buildings).

ISOTHERMAL Insulation has two notable benefits – it helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and in doing so, helps save electricity as heating and cooling needs are reduced.

Control Temperature

ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation maintains a comfortable indoor climate all year round; keeping interiors warm in winter and cool in summer.

South Africa’s Climatic Zones according to TIPSASA and SANS 204 is demonstrated in the below map:
Depending on the thickness of ISOTHERM installed and the climatic zone, ISOTHERM’s thermal performance is as follows:
In summer: A maximum temperature reduction of up to 7°C when ISOTHERM insulated ceilings are installed in a dwelling with previously no insulation. This is dependent on the question of the installation as well as the thickness of the product.

In winter: You get a reduced heating energy requirement of between 40% and 70%.
*Heating energy requirements assessed in the Department of Housing’s standard House using Agrément South Africa’s thermal software.

Save Electricity

Homes with ISOTHERM installed in ceilings, around water pipes and geysers can save as much as 21% on their monthly electricity costs. When also installed in walls, ISOTHERM reduces energy consumption for heating by between 40% and 70%; thereby paying for itself in minimal time.

SANS 204 – Energy efficient standards have been legislated. This SANS 204 legislation was a directive from the Department of Minerals and Energy (DME) and the Department of Housing. Its purpose is to impose and regulate energy-efficient standards for residential, commercial and industrial developments.

The degree and choice of thermal Insulation as specified by SANS 204 is dependent on climate regions, construction design, orientation and location. The insulation of roofs or ceilings must achieve a specified Total R value for the relevant climate zone. These R Values range from 2.7 to 3.7(m2.K/W).

Insulation in walls must achieve a Total R-Value of between 1.9 and 2.2, also dependent on climate zone. Insulation standards for geysers and pipes are also covered in SANS 204.

As one of the most effective and safest insulation products on the market, ISOTHERM complies completely with these energy-saving initiatives.

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