Plastic bottle gardens

We use recycled plastic PET bottles to make eco-friendly insulation so naturally we love seeing how designers, artists and environmentalists transform used plastic bottles into something new and beautiful!

 Image via Rosenbaum

 Here are a few inspiring plastic bottle recycling projects for the garden. This is recycling with a difference!

Image via DaisyPick

Cut a plastic bottle in half; turn the top section of the bottle upside down and drop a few pebbles into the funnel section. Add soil and plant a seedling or herb in the soil. Fit the planted half into bottom half of bottle which you could weigh down with pebbles or water. This will balance the plant and act as a plant stand.

Image by Jeromina Juan via Paper Plate and Plane

Cut a plastic milk or juice bottles in half. Decorate the bottle half with craft paint and use as either vase or a decorative pot plant.


Image via Small Kitchen Garden


Wash out two-litre plastic bottles and use them as carrot planting tunnels. You won’t have to worry about the moles getting to your carrots! You can find more details here.

Image via a A Journey to a Dream


Turn a washed out plastic milk or juice bottle, use a thin nail or drill to make holes in the lid and transform an ordinary plastic bottle into watering can. Find the full instructions here.

Image via Rosenbaum 

Create a vertical hanging herb garden by string plastic PET bottles together with strong industrial cord and securing to a wall.

Who would have thought that recycling plastic bottles could be this much fun?! If you don’t have time but still want to do your bit, buy products made with recycled plastic like eco-friendly ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation, and drop off household plastic waste in one of the dedicated recycling bins found at entrance of any Pick ‘n Pay store. Click here for a list of more recycling drop-off points around South Africa.

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