Minimise thermal energy lose by fitting ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation around geysers and pipes.

To install:

  • Measure and cut with scissors to fit around geyser with sufficient overlaps to accommodate end caps.
  • Ensure geyser is completely covered with ISOTHERM and secure with adhesive tape.
  • Cut out two circles of ISOTHERM to be placed as end caps on the front and back o the geyser.
  • Do not secure the end caps with adhesive – this will hamper access to the thermostat and relief valve.
  • Tuck in end caps securely within overlaps.
  • Cut strips of ISOTHERM to wrap spirally around inlet and outlet pipes (extra hot spots). Secure with adhesive tape.

Installation Guide  – Download our full installation guidelines.

Safety guide –  Download the thermal insulation and electrical safety guide from the Thermal Insulation Association of South Africa (TIASA)